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A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization
that Embraces the Power of the Ocean to Empower Our Children Today.

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Its surfing…, but its not just surfing!

Surfing is just the hook that gets them stoked! Once you catch a wave and feel the exhilaration of doing something thrilling, it enlivens your spirit to the question--- what else can I do to make me feel that way? At Camp Aloha, we show youth how to be inspiring to themselves and others in a variety of pro-social ways!


Did you know that Aloha literally means - Joyfully Sharing Life!

The Aloha Spirit Law is an existing law "on the books" in Hawai`i. We teach our participants not only about the working philosophy of native Hawaiians, but how to approach each interaction, each situation, each moment of their lives with the same coordination of mind and heart.


Wiping Out vs. Wimping Out

Even Kelly Slater falls sometimes! Camp Aloha teaches kids how to approach making mistakes with a positive perspective. Our experiential program involves pushing the limits to expand a child’s vision of what they are capable of achieving!


Making an integrated impact with a holistic approach.

Camp Aloha activities are designed to make a lasting impression on
multiple levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, and social. The results are multi-dimensional as our youth develop the intelligence and intuition to make more healthy and positive choices for themselves and our community.

Try it and you’ll become
addicted to it.


HOPUPU means the feeling of ecstasy when you are riding a wave!

Camp Aloha teaches kids how to generate that same feeling doing all sorts of activities, during our events but also at home, in school, and around our community!

Latest news

After a highly successful trial event in September 2016, Camp Aloha plans to run sessions during the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2017. If you have a group that is interested, please contact our Board President, Kathy Levy at 310-918-8083 or